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Non Cosmetic Reasons for Rhinoplasty

What many patients here in San Diego don't know is the fact that lots of patients seek out rhinoplasty surgeons to perform reconstruction of their nose for non-cosmetic reasons. Why is this? That is because the top rhinoplasty surgeons in San Diego also have extensive background education and training in functional nose surgery. This is particular true if they did their surgical training in head and neck surgery and went on to achieve board certification... Continue Reading
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Rhinoplasty & Smoking

Our office just got an email inquiry from a patient who desired cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery from Dr. Hilinski. In her inquiry she noted that she was a smoker. This was a nice opportunity for us to clarify our stance and opinion regarding rhinoplasty surgery and smokers. The bottom line is - smoking is not good for you. But it is really, really bad for you when considering any type of elective cosmetic surgery, such as... Continue Reading
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Artistry or Engineering?

We have so many of our San Diego patients who comment on how much of an artist Dr. Hilinski is when it comes to rhinoplasty and nose job surgery. But there are also those patients who ask how the nose can be re-engineered to be structurally sound and functional. So the question arises - is there more artistry or engineering involve when it comes to reshaping noses during rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty surgery? The answer... Continue Reading
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Computer Morphing

Does Dr. Hilinski offer computer morphing, or computer imaging, for rhinoplasty surgery in San Diego? The answer is - absolutely! In most cases of rhinoplasty surgery - including revision rhinoplasty - Dr. Hilinski will perform some type of computer imaging of your actual clinical photos to get a better idea about the desired direction and degree of change with your nose. Rhinoplasty Result Is the computer image the exact outcome you can expect from your... Continue Reading

Rhinoplasty Success Rates

Did you know that as of 2018 - rhinoplasty surgery has a satisfaction rate of greater than 90%? This is according to online plastic surgery resource site RealSelf. This is not unusual news to our office - as Dr. Hilinski has been the leading rhinoplasty surgeon here in San Diego for many, many years now. And such a high percentage of our patients absolutely love the results that Dr. Hilinski has given them in terms... Continue Reading
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San Diego Top Rhinoplasty Doctor

For many years now, Dr. Hilinski has gained a reputation in and around San Diego as one of the top rhinoplasty doctors. This comes as now surprise given his impeccable credentials in terms of education and training. Dr. Hilinski graduated from Harvard Medical School - widely considered the nation's best academic institute for medical education. After completing a residency in Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery at the University of California, San Diego Medical Center, he... Continue Reading
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Rhinoplasty Costs in San Diego

According to recent online surveys, the costs for cosmetic rhinoplasty here in San Diego ranges in price from $4500 to nearly $10,000. Keep in mind this is for primary rhinoplasty - meaning first time cosmetic nose surgery where no prior work has been done to the nose. The average price for a nose job in San Diego is around $7200-7300 or so. These prices would normally include the following: The rhinoplasty surgeon's professional fee The... Continue Reading
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Wide Nasal Bones and Wide Tip

This is a great case study on how Dr. Hilinski used great rhinoplasty technique to narrow this San Diego lady's broad, wide nose. She consulted with Dr. Hilinski and noted how unhappy she was with the bulbous, wide nasal tip. When you looked closely at her nasal tip region, one could readily see how the nasal tip was lacking in definition. In addition, she had fairly wide, or splayed, nasal bones. She has obvious freckling... Continue Reading
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Male Rhinoplasty Chin Implant

Here is a great example of how rhinoplasty and chin augmentation with an implant can be combined to enhance the overall facial appearance. This male patient from San Diego disliked the broad, bulbous nasal tip appearance he had. In addition, he wanted to give his face a bit more structure and balance by adding projection to the chin using an implant. In patients like this, it doesn't mean they want to look entirely different after... Continue Reading
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Finesse Female Rhinoplasty

This is a great case showing what finesse rhinoplasty can do to create a nice, natural looking enhancement. This young lady from San Diego desired to have a more refined, defined looking nose - but didn't necessarily want to look entirely different. If you look at her nose, you don't immediately see a desperate need for cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery. However, she was still bothered by her wide, somewhat bulbous nasal tip as well as the... Continue Reading

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