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Teenage Tip Refinement

Here is a quick case example of teenage rhinoplasty surgery to help create a more defined looking nasal tip. This young lady had more of a ‘full’ tip in that the end of her nose was not as defined as she desired. This is actually a fairly common complaint among teenagers seeking cosmetic nose surgery – they want to have the tip of their nose more defined.

If you look more closely at her nose, you will appreciate the nuances of why her tip did not look as defined as she wanted. In an ideal setting, the supratip of the nose (the area just above the tip of the nose), should be less prominent than the actual tip of the nose. As you can see here in the adjacent photo diagram, her supratip was much wider than her actual nasal tip. It is not necessarily that we want her to have a wide tip. The goal in this particular case of teenage rhinoplasty was to create better proportions in terms of her supratip and tip.

Ultimately, I performed an open rhinoplasty procedure so I could have optimal exposure and visualization of her tip cartilages. In the process of doing this, my aim was to narrow the supratip while actually giving her tip a slight increase in width. You might wonder why I was adding cartilage to the tip if my goal was to create more definition for the nose. But, this is what it takes in some cases of teenage rhinoplasty – where the rhinoplasty surgeon needs to add cartilage to the sides of the tip in order to provide the proper ‘divergence’ in shadows as seen from the frontal view.

Before & After Teenage Rhinoplasty

Here is a quick view of this teenager’s before and after rhinoplasty photos showing a nice overall change in her tip shape and size. If you look close enough, you will appreciate how the supratip of her nose is now reduce in volume and how the tip of her nose is more defined. But this includes added width to the nasal tip region. Look even closer at her nostril rims and you will more readily see just what I am talking about. In addition to making her tip more defined, she also has better stability of the nostril rims – making her nose less susceptible to collapse in the future.

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