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Rhinoplasty Costs in San Diego

According to recent online surveys, the costs for cosmetic rhinoplasty here in San Diego ranges in price from $4500 to nearly $10,000. Keep in mind this is for primary rhinoplasty – meaning first time cosmetic nose surgery where no prior work has been done to the nose.

The average price for a nose job in San Diego is around $7200-7300 or so.

These prices would normally include the following:

  • The rhinoplasty surgeon’s professional fee
  • The anesthesiologist’s professional fee
  • The costs to use the surgery center facility

But a huge word of caution to anyone price shopping for rhinoplasty surgery – nose jobs are hands down the most challenging and demanding of all plastic surgery procedures to do correctly on a consistent basis. Translated – this means it is imperative you choose a rhinoplasty surgeon NOT based on how cheap they are in terms of pricing. You should, instead, pick your rhinoplasty surgeon based on how good they are at what they do. Don’t believe for a second that all rhinoplasty surgeons are equal – and that a rhinoplasty surgery in one office is the same as in the next. Because that is the farthest thing from the truth.

The reason expert rhinoplasty surgeons, like San Diego’s own Dr. Hilinski, charge more to perform a nose job on you is because they are considered the best in the region at what they do. The same logic applies to why some people pay way more to have famous attorneys represent them in a legal matter. Or why some people pay more money to well-known architects to have their dream home custom designed. Dr. Hilinski, for example, has advanced education and training in cosmetic rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty – beyond what most plastic surgeons here in San Diego have in their resume. Plus, Dr. Hilinski has focused so much of his practice on nose job surgery and cosmetic nose reshaping – that he has built an international reputation for rhinoplasty with patients coming from all over the world to have him operate on their noses. Therefore, Dr. Hilinski’s rhinoplasty costs are commensurate with his reputation as San Diego’s best cosmetic nose surgeon.


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