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Male Rhinoplasty Chin Implant

Here is a great example of how rhinoplasty and chin augmentation with an implant can be combined to enhance the overall facial appearance. This male patient from San Diego disliked the broad, bulbous nasal tip appearance he had. In addition, he wanted to give his face a bit more structure and balance by adding projection to the chin using an implant.

In patients like this, it doesn’t mean they want to look entirely different after facial plastic surgery. In most cases, they just want to have refinement in these specific areas of their face with changes that keep their overall appearance looking natural.

Nose and Chin Evaluation

If you look closer at this male patient’s nose, you will appreciate how his nasal tip is a bit bulbous appearing. It is too wide for the rest of his nose. In addition, he has a slight bump just above the tip region – best seen on the profile view.

It is also on the profile view where you can see best how his chin was too weak for his face. Facial plastic surgeons call this a chin that is under-projected because it does not stick out far enough from the rest of the face. It could also be described as a chin that is recessed.

This patient decided to choose Dr. Hilinski for his plastic surgery because he discovered that Dr. Hilinski is one of the best facial plastic surgeons in San Diego when it comes to performing combined rhinoplasty and chin implant surgery on a consistent basis. Ultimately, the patient underwent an open septorhinoplasty surgery combined with placement of a chin implant to help reshape the anterior jawline.

Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant Photos

Here are his actual surgical results. Looking at his nasal tip region, in particular, you will appreciate how his nose does not appear bulbous anymore. It is also not pinched and collapsed – which happens so often when inexperienced rhinoplasty surgeons try and address a bulbous nasal tip abnormality. His nasal tip just looks more defined and refined now after his rhinoplasty. You can really see the bulbous nasal tip refinements on his oblique, or 45-degree, view below. It certainly looks much less rounded and bulbous compared to before his rhinoplasty surgery. And on the profile view, you can see how his bridge has been smoothed out and his nasal tip has been made to look strong and masculine. Overall, his nose is now much more fitting for his face.

With regard to his chin, you can also appreciate how the jawline has been reshaped and brought out. As a result of the chin implant, it now appears much stronger and gives his whole face better harmony and balance. Plus, the chin implant chosen was very appropriate in terms of sizing. It isn’t too big – avoiding the whole Jay Leno chin fear – and it isn’t too small.

The end result from his combined nose job and chin implant was a gestalt improvement. When you look at his after photos anyone would be hard pressed to notice anything that looks like he had a surgical alteration to his face. He just looks better. And this is the goal of almost every type of facial plastic surgery procedure performed.

Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant Consult

If you feel like you could benefit from combined nose job and chin implant surgery, contact our San Diego office today to consult with one of San Diego’s best and most qualified board certified facial plastic surgeons, Dr. John Hilinski.

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